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In February 2004 I started to include my observation results in this new online database. As there are some 250 stars to be entered with sometimes several observations it will certainly take some months until it will be complete. Presently there is already a folder and a page for almost all of these stars but many of those pages are still under construction. I invite you to send a mail if you are interested in a special star in case the results are not yet online or to check again after some time.

*) "HSR" is the BAV acromym for HuSaR

Latest updates of database:

All HSR* results for stars from constellations ANDROMEDA, AQUILA, ARIES, AURIGA and some of BOOTES which have been submitted to BAV are now in the database together with a few unpublished observations (updated 2004/08/17).

Especially two HSR* results of the the rarely observed long period eclipsing binary
OT And are presented (updated 2004/08/17).


VW Peg (update 2004/03/08)

UX Tri (update 2004/03/08)

SW Boo (update 2004/03/03)


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