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@ Himmelsmoor Private Observatory (in Hamburg/Germany):

16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain-Telescope

- site: 54 deg north; 10 deg. east; elevation 35 meters above sea level
- building: roll-off roof (3 x 3 meters = 10 x 10 square feet)
- telescope: the script-operated 16-inch telescope is the main telescope of the observatory (Meade LX200 with improved drives)
- focal length: reduced to f=2750 mm - f=2950 mm (depending on setup)
- CCD cameras: Apogee AP7p w. back-illuminated SiTe-Chip or: SBIG ST8E w. enhanced Kodak KAF1601E-chip
- filtering: BVRI-filters (Bessel type) w. SGIG CFW-8 filter wheel
- focusing: via OPTEC TCF-S (temperature-control / remote-control via RS232)

- computer hardware:
PC with Pentium 233 MHz and 32 MB memory; OS: Win ME
time control: w. ACCUSET software and internet-connection
remote control of PC: with VNC software via 10 Mbit ethernet connection